My flat round nose pliers with cutting edge (25 02 160) does not close properly

The 25 02 160 combines several features, gripping and cutting, in one tool.
If both the cutting edges and the jaws close at the same time, technicians call such an effort "overdetermined".
Due to unavoidable manufacturing tolerances, the cutting edges or the tips could stand up a gap. The same can also occur due to natural wear in the joint and/or on the cutting edge, which takes place even in high-quality pliers. This would make either the cutting of thin wires or the safe gripping of thin parts with the tip impossible.
That is why we manufacture our gripping pliers with a small gap between the cutting edges. The pliers should therefore grip reliably at the tip of the gripping surfaces at all times.

At KNIPEX, we have given priority to the permanently safe function of the gripping surfaces on very thin parts over a closed cutting edge without load.
Due to the elastic yet highly resilient material we use for these pliers and the slim tips of these pliers, the cutting edges can be completely closed by applying light pressure to the pliers legs. This also ensures the cutting function of the pliers at all times.