Why doesn't KNIPEX offer left-handed pliers?


Left-handed tools are required when it is not possible for a left-handed person to use a “normal” tool, such as a bread knife, household scissors or a carpenter's hatchet.
Pliers, however, usually have a symmetrical structure that can be easily operated in both the right and left hand.
Only a few pliers have a "preferred hand", the adjustment of the opening widths of the KNIPEX Cobra® or the pliers wrench, for example, seems easier to operate with the right hand.
But adjustment is also possible for left-handers without any problems, all they do is use different fingers: instead of the right thumb for the right-hander, the left-hander uses the left index finger to disengage the hinge pin for adjustment.
It looks a little different than when a right-hander uses the pliers, but the left-handers get the hang of it very quickly.