What do you use to cut cable ties flush?

Cable ties are usually made of high-quality plastics, which have high tearing forces. When they are cut off with pliers, high frictional forces therefore arise between the plastic of the cable tie and the steel of the cutting edge of the pliers.
The wider and thicker the cable tie, the greater these forces become.

The surface of the cutting edges and their wedge angle also have a major influence on the cutting forces that are generated.
Our recommendation is a precision electronic side cutter of the model series 79, e.g. 79 22 125 or a side cutter for plastic of the model series 72, e.g. 72 01 160.

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The frequently used 78 mm Electronic Super Knips® models come close to their load limit when cutting cable ties, especially with wide cable ties, but also when cutting with a fast cutting motion: the speed increases friction. The 125 mm variants of the 78 models are therefore not suitable.